Explicit shades: adult themed colouring books

Saturday 4th June, 2016


Colouring books for adults have become all the rage, topping bestseller lists. Now, two female architects decided to give the trend a new edge: The first explicit colouring book!

You only need to walk into a bookstore to realise how many adult colouring books there are. Patterns, flowers, famous paintings, and animals: anything can be used as a colouring page.

The angriest among us can even vent their frustration with a colouring book on swear words.

Image: Wikimedia, edited by Anais Villaca

Two female architects believe that the colouring business lacks something very important and have decided to do something about it. At the beginning of May, Jen and Mira (they want to remain semi-anonymous) launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo in order to be able to publish the first penis-themed adult colouring book.

According to them, “dicks are everywhere.” They spent years studying phallic-shaped buildings, and in January they decided to create a colouring book dedicated to penises.

Their campaign was a success and they managed to raise almost $8,000 [approximately £5,000].

Rejoice: this summer, you will finally have the chance to relax at the beach or in your favourite park while colouring penises, possibly, without children nearby.