Naked is the new healthy

Sunday 26th June, 2016


Improve your health, improve your life: sleep naked.

Image: Gabriela Ivascu

First of all, you sleep better naked. PJ’s and clothing can hinder the natural drop towards your ideal body temperature while you sleep.

Being naked is akin to sleeping in a cooler room or without an unnecessarily warm blanket, naturally lowering your body’s blood pressure.

Being too warm at night can have many implications for your health and looks.

For women, it can disrupt growth hormones and melatonin levels, which can affect how youthful your skin looks. It can also increase the amount of cortisol in your body, inducing stress and anxiety.

Image: Harriet Marsden

For men, sleeping in the buff can be a route towards healthier sperm and babies. Research from Stanford University found that out of 500 men studied, those who went to bed naked at night had a 25% lower rate of damage in their sperm DNA.

Most importantly, for both sexes, it is a direct route to an enhanced sex life. It can make it easier to get into the mood, which creates an overall healthier and happier lifestyle.