Seven songs to dream along to

Friday 10th June, 2016


1) Dream on – Aerosmith

Probably the greatest dream anthem of all time. Dream until your dreams come true – isn’t that what lucid dreaming is all about?

Image: Wikimedia

2) Sweet dreams (are made of this)– Eurythmics

Travel the whole wide world and the seven seas in a single dream, see reality as it really is - subjective; encompassing your perceptions and expectations.

Everybody’s looking for something.

3) Enter Sandman – Metallica

In central and northern Europe folklore, the Sandman is a mythical creature that sprinkles magical sand onto the eyes of sleepers and brings them good dreams.

In modern pop culture, he has become synonymous with Neil Gaiman’s hit comic series of the same name, where the Sandman is Morpheus, the Greek god of sleep.

Metallica, however, uses the Sandman myth to write a song about post-traumatic nightmares and abuse: traumas that lucid dreaming can help us fight.

4) Dream – Imagine Dragons

What if everything you know is but a dream within a dream? ‘Dream’ almost echoes and the words of Edgar Allen Poe, Morley and Mac Sweeney about the shifting nature of reality and dreamscapes.

5) Once Upon a Dream – Lana del Rey

Sometimes, we cross over ‘to the other side’ and find someone who shares our perception of the world waiting for us there, and we feel like we’ve known them forever.

Love can be like a dream state, and it definitely is a dreamscape for hopes and wishes to flourish on.

6) Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

We’ve all been through it – nights when we walk alone, with only our own shadow for company. But when you feel like sleepwalking through life, you can actually wake up to it again by remembering to walk the boulevard of your dreams, even if they seem to be broken.

7) Dream a little dream of me – Ella Fitzgerald

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you, sweet dreams leave all worries behind you, you gotta make a promise to yourself – you gotta keep on dreaming.